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Q) What is air charter?
A) When you charter an aircraft, all the seats belong to you and your party. As opposed to buying a ticket on a scheduled carrier, air charter allows you to set your own schedule and choose your own destinations.

Q) How safe is air charter?
A) Turbine-powered corporate and charter aircraft operations have one of the safest records in all widely used forms of transportation, including the scheduled airlines. Vector Air adheres to strict air regulations and safety standards and is fully certified by both Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration. Our very experienced air and maintenance crews must also complete recurrent training programs at regular intervals.

Q) Does it cost more if I take extra people?
A) No. You are chartering the whole aircraft so the cost is the same if you travel alone or fill the seats.

Q) Can I purchase just one seat on an existing charter flight?
A) Unfortunately this is not possible by virtue of what charter offers travellers. One of the many attractions of air charter for our clients is privacy, space and the ability to conduct business en route.

Q) How far in advance do I need to book?
A) Although we would appreciate as much notice as possible, we are able to accomodate most trip requests on very short notice. Subject to aircraft availability, we can have you on your way in as little as 2 hours!

Q) Vector Air is based in Peterborough - will I need to meet the aircraft there to begin my trip?
A) No. Many of our trips originate from other cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. Our home base of operations is centrally located at the Peterbough Municipal Airport making it possible to reposition the aircraft and crew at very reasonable rates.

Q) Will I I have to use the major airport hubs
when planning my trip?

A) Choosing an airport is a great opportunity to save time while maximizing flexibility and convenience. In Canada, scheduled airlines utilize only 26 airports while there are more than 700 registered airports across the country. In the USA, a mere 500 airports are serviced by the commercial airlines while over 5000 are available for use to the private charterer. With literally thousands more arrival and departure points available, air charter travellers can significantly reduce time spent getting to and from airports. Tell us where you need to be and we'll locate the closest and most convenient airport for you and your party.

Q) What are the times that we can depart?
A) Since we fly to meet your schedule, you determine the departure and return times. You also have the option to advise us of the time that you need to arrive at your destination and we'll compute the appropriate departure time.

Q) What if I need to change my schedule or my destination(s)?
A) One of the key advantages of aircraft charter is flexibility. Let us know if your travel requirements change and we'll make the necessary arrangements.

Q) When do I need to arrive at the airport in order to depart on time?
A) About 10 minutes before your departure time. Your crew will have completed all preflight preparations and will be standing by to escort you to your aircraft.

Q) How much baggage is allowed?
A) It will vary depending on the total number of passengers and the type of aircraft being used. In most situations, 20 lbs. per person can be carried aboard a charter. This is based on all seats being filled on your flight. You could carry more if your charter is not filled. Our flight coordinator will advise you of the approximate baggage weight that can be accommodated.

Q) Are refreshments provided during the flight?
A) Morning flights include complimentary coffee, pasteries, juice, and newspapers. Afternoon/evening flights include complimentary alcoholic beverages, soda, and snacks. Special catering service can be provided upon request at an additional cost.

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