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Air charter offers several distinct advantages over scheduled commercial air travel.

Flexibility: Travel on your schedule and use airports that are often closer to actual points of travel than major airports.

Time savings: Simply commuting to the major airports can consume valuable time. Traffic, parking and terminal headaches are alleviated and missed connections and delays are a thing of the past.
Productivity: The time you save can be put to good use. Conduct in-flight meetings with associates or simply relax to music or a movie so you will be more energetic and alert when you arrive.

Streamline customs: Travelling between the US and Canada inevitably involves lengthy lineups at both borders. We’re able to take advantage of both the U.S. Advance Passenger Information System and Canada’s CANPASS programs that expedite customs procedures.

Cost effectiveness: Move more of your key personnel for less. Travelers also spend more time at home or work than in hotels, airline and car rental terminals. Additional hotel nights, meals, per diems, rental car fees, and other costs can be avoided.

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